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The blackness the darkness forever [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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damn! [Sep. 20th, 2005|11:25 pm]
[mood |boredbored]
[music |sleepytime gorilla museum]

hello peeps and not so much peeps. i stop using this and derrick reminded me of it's existance so here i is. woot! nothings going on. i'm bored. i think thats why i quit writing in this. i have nothing worth saying. oh well. laters.
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|04:29 pm]
god damn i'm pissed. my "friends" can all burn in hell. they left me. we are all supposed to be at an incubus concert right now. well they are but i'm not. i don't feel much like talking about it but keith is fucking dead. that piece os shit is gonna get his ass reamed!
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2004|03:59 pm]
whiteasdracula's LiveJournal Slut Stats
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poem crap by me [Sep. 28th, 2004|01:32 pm]
[mood |predatorypredatory]

calculating my disconnection. becareful where you fall. some things are always waiting and with no remorse at all. step lightly as you run away, trust me bitch you will. the end in sight it hits the heart, warmed blood that slowly spills.

about a bitch
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2004|12:46 am]
[mood |coldcold]

i just wrote the longest entry in forever. i like it a lot and it ment something but i fucked it up and now its gone. a great end to a great day. a last grasp for closure. over....fuck emo i'm straight up thug bitch!
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i rock you suck [Sep. 21st, 2004|12:53 am]
i love you like the moonlight, as stars love the sky, just as sadness loves heartbreak but won't let it die.
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(no subject) [Aug. 22nd, 2004|11:00 pm]
Which Band Should You Be In?
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TrademarkExtreme Sassiness
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i've seen too much, i haven't seen enough [Aug. 22nd, 2004|10:35 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |the sound of my heart breaking]

beautiful angel
pulled apart at birth
limbless and helpless
i can't even recognize you

theres nothing more to say
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(no subject) [Jul. 17th, 2004|12:49 am]
<1. Your LiveJournal user name & what it means: whiteasdracula...apc lyrics

2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) how well does your LiveJournal represent who you actually are?
about an 8. i'm pale and love vampires and acp if that means anything

3. How much about your life do you post to LJ?
not much since i'm never home and i never post. i used to post everything but not so much anymore.

4. Is there anything you refuse to post about?

5. On a scale of 1-10 how interesting do you think your own journal is to others?
not that interesting

6. Has anyone ever joined LJ because of you?

7. What proportion of your posts are friends only?
um about 80%

8. What is your favorite interest on LJ?
Music and brian

9. How often do you post in communities, and did you ever start your own?
i used to post everyday but now it's only about every week. i've never stared my own community although i'd like to.

10. How often do you respond to/comment on other people's journals?
pretty often

11. Do you prefer to write in your journal or read other journals?

12. Have you ever had something mean said to you or been stalked, harassed or got into an argument/flame war on LJ (or did it to someone else)?

13. Have you ever banned someone from your journal?

14. Who are your three favorite LJ friend(s) and why?
michael, rondey, and ben bc they fucking rock

15. Of all of the people on LJ you know of, who is the most like you?
rodney bc he is me only in dude fom

16. Why are you most likely to add someone to your friends list?
bc they rock

17. Do you automatically add friends to your journal if they add you first?

18. What is the most likely reason you wouldn't add someone to your friends list?
if they are a bitch

19. Is your "significant other" on LJ?
no bc he doesn't have a computer which why i'm never online anymore

20. Have you ever wanted to meet someone on LJ?
i did and i have. my ex ben whom i adore. i hope you read this dear. i love you!:)
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'ello [Jun. 29th, 2004|04:18 pm]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |radiohead-fake plastic trees]

so yeah it's been awhile. as always. i'm usually at keiths. i have actually been on vacation recently too. either way i'm never home. which isn't all bad i just need a computer at keiths. i also need a damn cell phone but oh well. anyways, things have been great. there are very few darknesses in my life. the good things kick the sad things asses anyways. and although there is one minor issue that chokes up my heart i won't let it keep me down. but to whom it concerns and no matter what happens i'm here and i love you. that will never change. as for everything else well it's peachy...heh fun word! i've been writing a lot of songs lately. i can't really play guitar but i know chords. i actually like them which is an improvement. anyways, um as you can see i'm not really keeping this friends only. just an entry or two every now and then. i got bored with my privacy. however i am off to go do nothing.
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